Otros histéricos que me siguen


When I met was 16 years 
Were presented at a party, 
For an "guy" who claimed to be my friend. 
It was love at first sight. 
She went me crazy. 

Our love came to a point, 
No longer able to live without it. 
But it was a forbidden love. 
My parents did not accept it. 

I was expelled from school and started 
To find hidden. 
But that was not anymore, I went crazy. 
I wanted, but did not. 

I could not allow me to depart from it. 
I loved her: shred the car, 
I broke everything inside the house. 
And if I kill my sister. 
It was crazy, needed. 

Today I am 39 years and I am in hospital, 
I'm going to die and pointless. 
Abandoned by my parents, friends and for her. 
Her name? 
To her I owe my love, my life, my destruction: 
My Death. 
Freddie Mercury...

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